Our approach

Typically large law firms charge upwards of £350 an hour in Bristol or £550 an hour in London for the services of an experienced partner. Our fee structure offers a significant discount to these rates which means you can save significant amounts compared to traditional law firms and you still benefit from over 20 years legal experience. We believe you will also get a better level of service for as little as half the price of prestigious city based law firms.


Fairness is important to us so we charge by the minute rather than the conventional approach of using six minute charging periods. If you want a two minute discussion you will be charged two minutes, not six. Many clients are paying significantly extra for the rounding-up of billing periods and we believe that clients should only pay for the services they actually receive.


We are also very open to flexible schemes including:

Project Based Charging – for a defined piece of work we are happy to give you a fixed price.

Day Rate – where we can schedule your piece of work across a day(s) we will offer you a day rate that saves further on our already competitive rates.

Retained Services – we are able to provide a customised “all-in” legal service for you – covering any use of our legal services over a fixed or rolling period. So if you need someone on hand to support your HR function with ad-hoc legal advice you can keep a lid on your legal costs.