Employment law

Employment laws are extensive and complex, we can help you to steer your way through the maze. We are able to offer legal support on one-off individual matters or can support major programmes such as organisation restructuring and redundancies. Over the years we have dealt with company growth, take-overs, mergers, transferring staff to new organisations as well as every conceivable disciplinary situation. So we know how to avoid problems and when to fight and when to settle.


These are some of the employment law related services we can help you with:

What our clients say

"Highly professional, consistent, discreet and reliable legal service"
Chris Marshall, CEO, Communications Company
"After months of procrastination and confusion, working with Amanda moved my business forward in leaps and bounds. She quickly understood my business and helped both my clients and myself, by simplifying what seemed a complicated process"
Jen Gash, Discovery Party
"Key for me was an efficient and pragmatic turnaround"
Tim Phillips, Tifdon Limited
"Her ability to rationalise and clarify what I thought to be the most complicated issue really put my mind at ease"
Chris Lambah MD, People Business Consulting & Tranius Ltd